3PL Order Filters

Settings Up 3PL Order Filters

By default, FarApp will export all of your NetSuite sales orders (or fulfillments if you're configured to export pick tickets) to your 3PL. This tool allows you to setup filters, so that only the orders or fulfillments matching your criteria will be exported.

If you're not already viewing the order filter editor for 3PLs, you can access it by going to https://app.farapp.com/settings#/3pl_settings/general_settings and selecting Edit Order Filters. A screen will pop up that will allow you add one or more filters.

Lets start by setting up an example filter. Suppose you only want to export orders that have a shipping zip code of 90210 to your 3PL. The filter UI has three main columns: Filter FieldFilter Operation, and Filter Value. In this case, the Filter Field would be Shipping Zip, as the filter you're filtering on is the shipping zip code from the order. Next, we need to choose the Filter Operation, which determines how we compare the Filter Field to a value of our choice. The Filter Operation should be Equals, as we're checking if the Shipping Zip equals the value 90210. Finally, the Filter Value should be 90210. With these values in place, if we click Save Changes, FarApp will only export orders with a Shipping Zip of 90210 to your 3PL.

You'll notice there are a number of other values under Filter Operation that you could use, if you want to use different logic. For instance, if you only want to export orders for which the Shipping Zip starts with '9', you could use the Starts With operation, and change the Filter Value to 9.

Suppose now that you want to add a second condition, and only export orders that meet both conditions. Clicking Add Filter Row, will add another row with the same parameters as the first. You can setup another filter in the same manner as we setup the example filter.

Testing Order Filters

If you're satisfied with the filters you've setup, save your changes and close the filter editor. Click the Test Order Filters button to open our simple interface for testing order filters. Here, you can enter the internal ID of a NetSuite order, and the interface will tell you whether that order would be imported using your current filters.