Unified Amazon Accounts - Multiple Accounts on One Connector

If you have a Unified Amazon Account, your FarApp account can be set up so that all your orders for the different country accounts of your Unified Amazon Account come in on the same FarApp connector (Unified Accounts only connect marketplaces that are connected or closely connected by land, so you have NA (US, Mex, CA) and EU (UK, IT, FR, DE, ES) and then JP).

Note that while all of your orders would come in on a single FarApp connector, you would have to set up separate FarApp connectors if you also want to use Product Sync and/or Price/Qty Sync for the other countries on the connector. For example, if you set up an Amazon.com connector to also take in orders from Amazon.ca, you would need to set up a separate Amazon.ca connector if you also want to use Product Sync for Amazon.ca.

To set up your FarApp connector for a Unified Amazon Account, you will enter the Amazon account access information (detailed instructions here https://support.farapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/218084227-Amazon-Account-Access) from multiple country accounts into one Amazon account settings page by using the dropdown menu on that page: