Support Policies

**Please see for latest information on our support policies.


1. Support Hours

FarApp's support hours are 8am to 6pm Pacific Time, Monday through Friday, excluding U.S. holidays.

2. Obtaining Support

FarApp provides online support and urgent phone support:

  • Online Support: You can access documentation and submit or view tickets at It's always best if you log in before you submit a ticket so that the ticket is automatically associated with your account. There is also a Support link at the bottom of each page on that you can use to access documentation and/or submit a ticket.
  • Urgent Phone Support: +1 (800) 876-4109, extension 2. Please make sure to open a ticket with us via our Online Support prior to calling our Phone Support line. We go to great efforts to ensure that all calls are handled in a timely manner. If you are not immediately directed to an Operations Associate, please leave a voice mail with your name, email, number and the case number for the ticket you are calling regarding. We will respond to you via phone or the ticket as soon as our next Operations Associate is available.
  • Scheduled Phone Support: If you'd like to schedule a call with us, you can do so at Scheduled Calls. Please note, if you're not currently subscribed to an integration or support package, there is a charge for scheduled phone support (more details can be found at Support Tiers). If you need to reschedule a call, please delete your original call in Calendly and create a new call. This helps us ensure that we can meet all our customers needs by minimizing scheduling conflicts. Scheduled calls cannot be used to accelerate support. Please see the escalation process outlined in the “Support Escalation” section below.

3. Support Escalation

If you have an urgent issue that isn't getting resolved quickly enough, or an issue that is not being resolved to your satisfaction, please follow the process below for escalation. Escalations are still subject to normal support hours.

Escalation Process:

  1. If the issue is urgent, open a support ticket with "URGENT" in the subject. If the issue is not urgent but you need the issue to be escalated, please ask the agent handling your support issue to escalate it. We have an internal process for escalation that the agent will follow.
  2. If you tried to escalate through support tickets but require further escalation, please email This should only be used if you tried to escalate through support tickets already, and should not be used for normal support issues.
  3. If neither of the escalation steps above have resolved your issue, call our urgent support line at +1 (800) 876-4109, extension 2.

4. Support Classifications

  1. Urgent
    a. Critical business process is blocked, and there is no reasonable workaround (e.g. orders not syncing, inventory or price updates not syncing).
  2. High Priority
    a. Critical business process is performing poorly or has a bug, but there exists a reasonable workaround (e.g. a small number of orders isn't importing or is importing incorrectly, inventory or price updates are syncing but syncing slowly).
    b. Non-critical business process is blocked, and there is no reasonable workaround (e.g. fulfillments not syncing, non-inventory and price item updates not syncing).
  3. Normal Priority
    a. Non-critical business process is performing poorly or has a bug, but there exists a reasonable workaround (e.g. fulfillments are syncing slowly or incorrectly, non-inventory and price item updates are syncing but some attributes aren't syncing correctly, mapping changes requested).
  4. Low Priority
    a. An enhancement is requested

5. Response Times

  1. Urgent
    Response within 3 hours, 24 hours to close*
  2. High Priority
    Response within 12 hours, 3 business days to close*
  3. Normal Priority
    Response within 24 hours (1 business day), 5 business days to close*
  4. Low Priority
    Response within 24 hours (1 business day), 10 business days to close*

*We attempt to close all issues within the time frames quoted. However, this time frame is for the initial issue for which the case was opened. Related-issues added to a support case will be solved within a time frame relevant to their priority. We recommend to put all new issues in a new support case for optimal service. If we require feedback from you in order to close an issue and there are delays in getting feedback, this will likely extend the time frame.

6. What is Supported?

  1. General Questions & Answers
    a. Any questions specific to a FarApp feature or service will be supported.
    b. Questions about functionality or leading practices of ERP, marketplace, cart, or 3PL systems that FarApp connects are not supported but we will do our best to answer them.
  2. Software Bugs/Defects
    a. Any defects in functionality provided by FarApp will be supported.
  3. Integration Changes
    a. Mappings that cannot be easily completed through settings available at
    b. Settings that cannot be altered through

7. What is not Supported?

  1. ERP, marketplace, cart, or 3PL configuration. FarApp supports proper data sync between these systems. Though we provide a lot of guidance about configuration of those systems, ultimately the proper configuration of those systems is the responsibility of the customer.
  2. Support related to customizations under contract. These questions will need to be sent directly to professional services at
  3. Complete reintegration of an existing connector. This is where you want to delete a connector and recreate it. This may be subject to reintegration fees.
  4. Integration changes requiring development. These may incur an additional fee which will be communicated for approval before any changes are made.