How to set up FarApp for Amazon's Seller Fulfilled Prime

Order Sync

If you are already syncing orders from Amazon, no additional set up is needed for SFP orders.

Best Practice: no changes need to be made to your set up.

If you would like to identify orders as SFP in your NetSuite, please open a support ticket with us and let us know what field(s) in NetSuite you would like us to map values to, and what the values should be.

Product Sync

In order to sync items as being SFP items, you must set up shipping templates in Amazon. This may require you to download the latest flat file template (please follow the steps here: from Amazon.

You will also need to set up a custom field in NetSuite for entering/selecting the name of the shipping template you want to use for an item. You can then set up the mapping for this here: Please open a support ticket with us if you need any assistance for this step.