Adding Tracking Numbers to Magento Confirmation E-mails

FarApp can trigger Magento to send shipment confirmation emails. These emails are triggered when FarApp posts a shipment to Magento. However, posting tracking numbers to Magento requires a two step process. First, FarApp posts a shipment. Then, it adds tracking numbers to the shipment. This means that at the time the shipment is created, the tracking numbers don't yet exist, so the shipment confirmation emails won't contain the tracking numbers. This is a known limitation of Magento's API. The workaround that FarApp uses is to post the tracking numbers as a comment on the shipment so that the shipment confirmation email will contain the tracking numbers and carrier.

To enable this in your connector settings, select 'Trigger Magento to send email to customer when posting shipments. This setting applies to all your Magento accounts' here: