Why didn't my product appear in the Products page after retrieving it?

There are two steps that occur when you attempt to retrieve a product using the Products page. First, FarApp attempts to retrieve and store your product's details. Second, FarApp uses your product mappings to categorize the product. If your product was imported into FarApp, but is not appearing in the product table, there was an issue with this second step. To resolve this, please follow these instructions:

  1. In the General Marketplace/Cart Settings page, ensure that you have set the SKU field for the channel and account you are working with.
  2. On the Product Settings page, ensure you have added at least one mapping category for this channel. For this category, you must at least have the flag field and CATEGORY mappings completed. For instructions on completing those mappings, please consult this article: Product/Inventory Sync Mappings
  3. Ensure that your item has its flag field populated, and that it would be classified under this category  (according to your CATEGORY mapping).
  4. Refresh the page and try retrieving the product again.