Full Product Sync and Price/Qty Sync

FarApp offers two types of product sync 1) Full Product Sync and 2) Price/Qty Sync. We have customers who use one, the other, or both on their connectors. Here's what they do:

1. Full Product Sync

FarApp syncs full product data such as title, description, images, price, quantity, etc from NetSuite to your storefront.

2. Price/Qty Sync

FarApp only syncs price and/or quantity data from NetSuite to your storefront. You have the option of only syncing quantity data, price data or both. The SKU's using this sync must already exist in the storefront. Since FarApp is only sending price and/or quantity data to the storefront along with the SKU it wants to update, FarApp does not actually possess enough information to create a SKU on the storefront. This means that the SKU should already exist on the storefront with the title, description, images, etc that you want.


Best Practices

When doing a Full Product Sync:

Depending on the storefront, you are able to sync NetSuite data on your items to existing SKU's on your storefront. We would overwrite your mapped fields with the data we have for those fields in NetSuite, but we would not touch any extra fields and their data that you have not mapped for our sync. However, this does not work for every storefront and needs to be tested first to confirm that it is working as you expect.

FarApp treats NetSuite as the master of record for your SKU data, so it is best to enter all the product data you would like to see on an SKU into NetSuite and allow FarApp to sync the data. This is easier than maintaining the data on SKU's in the storefront and in NetSuite.


Can I Do Both Syncs on the Same Connector?

Yes. You will need to provide FarApp with a custom field that you use to determine which type of sync a given SKU will use. A SKU cannot sync using both types of sync. It must do one or the other. Customers usually make this custom field either a list (where you select from either a "Full Product Sync" or "Price/Qty Sync" option for each SKU) or a checkbox (ex: custitem_full_product_sync where true = do full pruduct sync, and false = do price/qty sync).

Why Would I want to Do Both Syncs on the Same Connector?

It is up to you. This works well for some customers where they want to use Price/Qty sync for their existing SKU's on a storefront. They then use Full Product Sync for new SKU's because they create the new SKU's entirely in NetSuite and let FarApp sync all the product data.