Why Isn't My Payment Method Or Shipping Method Showing Up?

If you do not see a shipment method or a payment method from your channel listed on app.farapp then it means that FarApp has not seen any orders with that shipment or payment method come through the system. You can only map shipment methods and payment methods for orders that have made it into FarApp.

  1. In app.farapp.com, click the gear icon at the top right corner of the screen and click “Settings”.
  2. Click “Order Settings” at the menu at the left, and then select the "Ship Method Mapping" tab.  For "Payment Method" click the payment method tab.
  3. If there are multiple channels/accounts, choose the correct channel and account using the drop downs at the top. This will display a table with the shipment/payment methods on orders that have imported to FarApp from that channel/account. Any orders that come in with new shipment/payment methods will add entries to this table that will need to be mapped.