Special Case - NetSuite Matrix Assembly Items

As of release 2015.1, NetSuite supports matrix assembly items. However, there is an issue whereby NetSuite does not display the matrix custom fields (i.e. the fields on the Matrix tab in NetSuite) to FarApp (FarApp uses SuiteTalk to retrieve this data). FarApp has an open case with NetSuite to resolve this, but in the meantime, a workaround is necessary. In order to map the fields, you'll need to create a custom formula field for each of the custom matrix fields and FarApp will map that instead. Here are instructions:

  1. In NetSuite, go to Customization->Lists, Records, & Fields->Item Fields->New.
  2. Give the field a LABEL and ID of your choosing.
  3. Set the rest of the settings (including those on the Applies To tab) similarly to the screenshot below.
  4. Set the Validation & Defaulting tab settings as shown in the following screenshot. Please note that "custitem15" is the field ID of our Colors custom matrix field. You can use the popup to the right of the DEFAULT VALUE field to more easily select your matrix custom fields.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Repeat the above steps for each of your custom matrix fields.
  7. Contact FarApp support to let us know that you're using matrix assembly items and provide them with your new custom fields so they can add them to your mapping.