FarApp NetSuite Bundle

What the FarApp Bundle Does

The primary benefit of using the FarApp bundle is for real-time price and quantity updates on your items in your storefront(s).

There are three scenarios when the bundle will post price and/or quantity updates for an item:

  1. When there is an update to the item data in NetSuite, such as adding a new image or changing the description.
  2. There is a transaction that involves this item, such as an order that posts to NetSuite involving this item. Because a transaction could change the item's quantity, we sync a quantity update in real-time to your storefront(s).
  3. If a NetSuite workflow runs on the item, such as a script the updates item data automatically. Please note that in the this situation the change will not show up in the change log in NetSuite. It will show up in the Workflow sub-tab.

It is possible to disable these real-time updates from the bundle. If you want to do so, you can uncheck the box for that. FarApp will still sync updates for that item based on the last modified timestamp on the item fields, and the sync would occur every 15 minutes.


How to Check Your NetSuite Bundles

NetSuite allows its users to install a number of third party applications. These are often called "bundles." FarApp offers a number of bundles that you can use. This article tells you how to install and upgrade the "FarApp NetSuite Bundle" which improves sync times for items from NetSuite to your Storefronts/Carts.

To check what bundles you have installed:

  1. Make sure you are logged in to NetSuite as an admin user.
  2. Got to Customization > SuiteBundler >Search & Install Bundles >List.Screen_Shot_2017-04-26_at_2.44.19_PM.png
  3. When viewing the list, make note of the Status and Installed From columns. The Status indicates whether the bundle is active, and Installed From tells you whether the bundle is installed on your Production or Sandbox account. This will become important below.


Installing the Bundle

FarApp's NetSuite bundle (just called FarApp for simplicity) is used to push item updates to FarApp from NetSuite in real-time to improve update speeds. If FarApp is doing product and/or inventory updates, you should install the bundle.

*Please note, if you don't enter your FarApp credentials (the credentials you use to log into FarApp) in the two separate locations mentioned in the section below, you will get invalid credentials errors in NetSuite after installing the bundle. This will prevent you from creating transactions in NetSuite until the credentials are entered.

*Please be sure to only install the FarApp bundle on the account you currently have connected to FarApp here: https://app.farapp.com/settings#/netsuite_settings (e.g. if you have both a NetSuite sandbox and live NetSuite, please ensure you only install it on one of these at a time). If you have the FarApp bundle already installed in your Sandbox and Production NetSuite accounts, please uninstall the bundle from the NetSuite instance that is not connected to FarApp. This should resolve potential errors or issues you may be seeing relating to the bundle.

To install the bundle, follow these steps in NetSuite. Once started, you must complete them:

  1. Make sure you are logged in to NetSuite as an admin user.
  2. Go to Customization > SuiteBundler > Search & Install Bundles.
  3. Enter FarApp in the KEYWORDS box and click Search.
  4. Find the result named just FarApp and click on the name.
  5. Click Install. It may take a little time but this will install the bundle.
  6. Once installation completes, go to Customization > Scripting > Script Deployments.
  7. Under the Filters menu, from the drop down that says Scripts select Push Item Updates to FarApp. (If you aren't seeing this, click on the "+" next to Filters to show the drop down options). If you don't see scripts listed on this page, there might be a little NetSuite configuration change needed. You can make scripts visible by going to Setup >Company >Enable Features >SuiteCloud and checking Custom Records and Server SuiteScript checkboxes.
  8. Click Edit on the deployment that shows up in the list
  9. Click the 'Parameters' tab and enter your FarApp credentials (i.e. the ones you use to login to app.farapp.com) in the text fields.
  10. Click Save.
  11. Go to Setup >Company >General Preferences.
  12. Go to the Custom Preferences tab.
  13. In the FarApp section, enter your FarApp credentials again (i.e. the ones you use to login to app.farapp.com).
  14. If you have user-event scripts in NetSuite that modify an item record as you save the item record (for example, upon save, it auto-computes the prices and updates them), then check the HAVE ITEM-MODIFYING USER-EVENT SCRIPTS box. Otherwise, leave it unchecked for improved performance.
  15. Click Save.

Once the above is done, any item and/or inventory changes will be pushed to FarApp in real-time.


Upgrading the Bundle

FarApp releases updates to its NetSuite bundle periodically. It is beneficial to upgrade your bundle when you can in order to stay up-to-date with the latest improvements from FarApp.

To upgrade:

  1. In NetSuite, go to Customization >SuiteBundler >Search & Install Bundles >List.
  2. Find the FarApp bundle in the list and in the leftmost column, there's a drop down. Click Update.
  3. In the screen that comes up, click Update Bundle and in the pop-up, click OK to proceed.

If, while attempting to upgrade the bundle, you see the following message, "That bundle no longer exists in the source account", please uninstall and then reinstall the bundle. This will correct the issue.


Troubleshooting Issues with the Bundle

If you have workflows in NetSuite and you are noticing timeouts (especially if you are connected to a 3PL and are experiencing very long sync times or process timeouts when pulling in orders via FarApp), please note that all workflows should have checks to make sure they are not already completed (ie: if a workflow flags a checkbox, it should have a check that confirms the checkbox is not already flagged). Otherwise these workflows may trigger unnecessarily frequent updates from FarApp's bundle, which will consume processing power and degrade the performance of other tasks.

If you are experiencing issues where you cannot invoice orders, or any other order sync errors after installing the bundle, please double check that you completed the installation steps above, as leaving the installation incomplete can cause these issues.