Sears Account Access

Follow these steps to allow FarApp to access your Sears Account:


  1. In click 'Dashboard' from the menu at the top
  2. Find the Sears connector you want to add access for and click 'Edit' if you do not see a Sears connector follow these steps to add a new connector
  3. Enter the email and password for the sears account that you want to use
  4. Enter the seller id of your account. If you are not sure about your seller ID log into your Sears Seller Central and view your account details (shown in the image below) this will include your seller ID
  5. Enter the API Key. To do this you will need to go the the 'Account Info' page in your Sears Seller Central (see image above on how to get there). Once on the page you will want to click 'Generate a New Key' and enter that into FarApp