WooCommerce Tracking Numbers/Shipping Details

In order for tracking numbers and other shipping details to sync to WooCommerce, you'll need to install the FarApp WooCommerce plugin. There are two ways to install it. Please see the sets of steps below:

Method #1

  1. Download the "woocommerce-farapp.zip" attached at the bottom of this article.
  2. Log in to WooCommerce and navigate to the plugins menu option in the left panel. 
  3. Click "Add New" below "Installed Plugins."
  4. Click the "Add New" button. 
  5. Click the "Upload Plugin" button. 
  6. Click "Choose File" and select the file from your local system (the file will probably have downloaded into your "Downloads" folder.)
  7. Confirm that you see a success message: 
  8. Navigate to the "Installed Plugins" page to view all your installed plugins.
  9. Search for "FarApp" and confirm that the "WooCommerce - FarApp" is present.
  10. Click on the link to Activate the FarApp plugin. 

Method #2

  1. Download the "woocommerce-farapp.zip" attached at the bottom of this article.
  2. Extract it on your server and copy it to your WordPress plugins folder (usually found in folder wp-content/plugins within your WordPress installation).
  3. Log into your WordPress admin site and click Plugins at the left column.
  4. You should see "WooCommerce - FarApp" in the list. Click Activate.

The WooCommerce - FarApp plugin will add a note to the order when FarApp syncs the shipping details to your store. If you have the Shipment Tracking plugin installed in your WordPress, FarApp will write the details to it and make the note a private note. Otherwise, FarApp will make the note a public customer note that the customer can see.