Making NetSuite Fields Visible/Editable

While attempting to post an order, you may get an error message from FarApp that says 'Field ____  is not visible or editable. Please make sure the field is both visible and editable on your form and the order should post'. If a field in NetSuite is not visible or editable, FarApp will not be able to post to that field on your order. To fix this you will need to set the field in question to be both visible and editable. Follow these steps to make a field both visible and editable:

If the error is regarding the tranid field, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your NetSuite account and go to Setup > Company > Auto-Generated Numbers.
  2. Go to the Document Numbers tab.
  3. Find the appropriate transaction type (e.g. Sales Order) in the list and make sure the checkbox in the ALLOW OVERRIDE column is checked.
  4. Click Save at the bottom.

If the error is regarding a different field, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your NetSuite account and go to Customization > Forms > Transaction Forms.
  2. From this list select the form that you are using to post orders to. If you have a custom form mapped under, you'll want to edit that form by clicking on "Customize" to the left of the form in question. Otherwise, NetSuite will use your preferred form by default so look for the form that If you are using the preferred form then look for the form with the correct "TYPE" value that has the "PREFERRED" column checked.
  3. Select the 'Screen Fields' tab to see the fields that you have for this form.
  4. You should see a few subtabs like 'Main', 'Items', 'Shipping' go to the appropriate subtab to find the field that FarApp is reporting as not visible or editable.
  5. When you find the field you should see a checkbox under the column 'SHOW' and a select field under 'DISPLAY TYPE'. Make sure the box for 'SHOW' is checked and that 'DISPLAY TYPE' is set to normal.
  6. Now click 'Tabs', you should see a list of all the subtabs that you saw under 'Screen Fields'. Make sure that the subtab your field was under has the 'SHOW' column checked.
  7. Save your changes and try to repost your order.