ChannelAdvisor Account Access

In order to connect to your ChannelAdvisor, FarApp needs the Profile ID for your account and an Account ID to connect to. Before you setup access please make sure you have setup the connector using the instructions here:


Please follow these steps to obtain both your Profile ID and Account ID:

  1. You can find the Profile ID in your Channel Advisor account by going to My Account->Account Authorizations and expanding the Account List at the top of this page. You'll see the Profile ID in the right column.
  2. Open a support ticket for FarApp and send us this profile id asking us to authorize
  3. When we respond, you will need to go back to Account Authorizations in ChannelAdvisor. A notification will appear in the account's Message Center, alerting the you of the pending authorization request.
  4. Enable the pending authorization request on the Account Authorizations page
  5. Reply to your ticket that you have enabled the authorization. Then we will be able to get the AccountID to complete your setup.

Once the settings are up you will be able to view them in the Dashboard for your ChannelAdvisor connector by going to, clicking "Dashboard" from the menu at the top, finding the ChannelAdvisor connector you just setup, and clicking "Edit"