Miva Account Access

To integrate FarApp and Miva, please follow these instructions:

  1. Log in to app.farapp.com.
  2. At the top of the screen click “Dashboard”.
  3. At the bottom of the Dashboard screen, click “Add New Connector”.
  4. Select Miva in the pop-up channel selection window.
  5. Once you have selected Miva you should be taken to a screen where you specify the name of the account for this connector as well as the nickname for this connector. If this is your first connector with this channel then the account name is automatically set to “default”. Once you have the account name and nickname picked out, click “Add Account”.
  6. Your new account should be created and will appear in at the bottom of your dashboard. You should be taken automatically to the settings page for this connector. You can always access this page by clicking the “Edit” button to the right of the account in the dashboard.
  7. Enter the username and password for one of your database users in the Miva Database User and Miva Database Password fields, respectively.
  8. Enter the endpoint to your Miva database in the Miva Database Endpoint field. This value shouldn't contain any slashes and shouldn't be preceded by http or https. Also, if you require whitelisting IPs for access, the FarApp IPs needed to whitelist are,,, and
  9. Finally the Miva MySQL database name in the Miva Database Name field.
  10. Optionally, if Miva has implemented an encrypted order retrieval interface for your Miva instance, please enter the username, password, endpoint (just the "www.<your site>.com" portion), and page (everything after "www.<your site>.com" include the first slash) in the relevant fields.
  11. Click the Save Settings button at the bottom.
  12. Click the Test Connection button at the bottom to ensure that FarApp can properly connect to your Miva store.