Creating/Updating eBay Shipping Directives

FarApp allows you to setup shipping directives to post to your eBay account. The advantage of this is that you can just use one field in your backend system (e.g. NetSuite) to specify your shipping settings and FarApp will look at the template to fill out all the appropriate fields. This comes in handy if you have various groups of items that use the same shipping settings (e.g. ship to locations, shipping methods, shipping costs, etc.). Follow the instructions below to setup your shipping directives:

  1. Go to the eBay Dashboard in FarApp at:
  2. Select the tab named "Shipping Directives".
  3. You should see two sections on your screen now. On the left is a menu which will list all directives you have setup (if any), and on the right will be the details of the shipping directive you select from the left.
  4. There are 3 possible scenarios for you on this screen:
    a. This is the first time you've setup shipping directives and you haven't created a list field in NetSuite to indicate which shipping directive FarApp should use for an item. In this case, you will need to follow the steps in the section titled "Setting Up Shipping Directives for the First Time".
    b. You do have shipping directives, but the one you want to modify is not showing on the left even though you added it in your backend system (e.g. NetSuite). This means you need to click the "Reload" button. Once the new shipping directive loads, you can select it from the list on the left and verify that the fields in the section of this article titled "Required Fields for Shipping Directives" are filled out.
    c. You have shipping directives and the one you want to modify is showing on the left. In this case you can select the directive from the left and verify that the fields in section of this article titled "Required Fields for Shipping Directives" are filled out properly.

Setting Up Shipping Directives for the First Time

To create new shipping directives you will need a custom field in NetSuite that is a List type. Once you have that field setup in NetSuite go back to the Shipping Directives screen and click the "Create" button from the menu on the left of the screen. This will open a window up with two fields:

  1. "directivesetname"
  2. "NetSuite Field to use"

For "directivesetname" you should not need to touch this, this is used for FarApp to reference.

For "NetSuite Field to use" search for the List field you either just created, or already have setup and select it.

Click "Create" on this window and you should see shipping directives populate on the left side of the screen (one for each list value you created in NetSuite). Now you can edit them by selecting them from the list on the left, and editing the fields on the right. The next section gives you information on all of the required fields.

Required Fields for Shipping Directives

In order to get a shipping template to post properly to eBay you will need to fill out the fields listed below:

  • Shipping Type: This is to verify whether your shipping charges are flat rates or calculated charges. In the directives screen it is a select field so you know what options you have to choose from.
  • Locations: From here you will want to select all of the countries that you ship to. This is a multi select field, so you can click the arrow on the side of the field and select options which will add to the options already selected in that field.
  • Domestic Service 1: At a minimum you need to specify the first domestic service and provide values for the following fields:
    1. Free Shipping (select either true or false).
    2. Shipping Service (select from the list provided): You can view all the methods in this Knowledge Base article as well:
    3. Shipping Cost: You can either enter a flat rate, or select a NetSuite field to get this data from.
  • If you have International locations on the directives then you will also need International Shipping Services that cover all the locations you ship to. For International Services you need to include:
    1. International Shipping Service: What service you are using. It is a select field like domestic shipping.
    2. International Locations: the locations you are shipping to. This is a select field like the Locations field above.
    3. International Charge: The charge associated with this service. This can be a text field or you can select a NetSuite field to use.

Saving and Using Your Shipping Directives

Once you have finished modifying your shipping directives click the "Save" button at the bottom of the panel on the right. Your shipping directive is now ready to use. In order to use it follow these steps:

  1. Login to your NetSuite account.
  2. Search for an item in NetSuite that you want to have use the directive.
  3. In that item's details page go to the custom list field that you setup to have all the shipping directives.
  4. Select the value for that field with the same name as the Shipping Directive.
  5. This step is only necessary if you've never used shipping directives before and you just completed the steps in the "Setting Up Shipping Directives for the First Time" section. If that's the case, please open a support ticket to have the FarApp team complete your eBay product mapping to utilize the shipping directive settings.
  6. The next time your product updates you should see the data from the shipping directive come through. If you do not, then you can troubleshoot the item using the instructions in this Knowledge Base article: