Cancel or Delete an Order

We usually recommend to cancel orders you don’t want to sync instead of deleting them. Canceling an order will stop FarApp from processing it, but it will retain the data of the order which is good for two reasons: 1) You can refer to the order in the future, especially if it was canceled on accident and you want to uncancel it. 2) If you delete an order (depending on the connector) FarApp may detect it as missing and try to reimport it.

If you have an order that you’d like to cancel or delete from FarApp, you can do the following:

  1. Log into the order portal:
  2. Select the right Channel at the top-right of the table.
  3. Find the order. If you know the order number, you can use the search box at the top of the table or you can use the filters under the menu icon at the top-right of the table.
  4. Once you see your order in the table, hover over the button in the rightmost column and click “Cancel” to cancel the order or “Delete from FarApp” to delete the order.