Common Magento Product Sync Errors

Here are some explanations for common errors you may encounter:

  • Category does not exists
    The category you specify in NetSuite must match exactly with a category in Magento. In NetSuite, you specify the hierarchy like “Top Level Category/Mid-Level Category/Leaf Category” and this corresponds to Magento category “Top Level Category->Mid-Level Category->Leaf Category”. Watch out for extra spaces at the beginning or end of each category and make sure your capitalization matches what you have in Magento. If it doesn’t match exactly, Magento will report this error. For example “Leaf category” (note the little c) or “Leaf Category ” (note the extra space at the end) will fail to match “Leaf Category” in Magento. Likewise “Leaf Category” will fail to match “Leaf Category ” (note the extra space at the end) in Magento.


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    Trey Trimble

    So for Magento is top level category "Default Category"?