Getting SKUs on Your eBay Listings

Since FarApp uses your product SKU to search for existing items when posting to eBay, you will want to make sure you have the SKUs properly setup in your eBay listings. eBay makes this tricky by not requiring SKUs on their listings and having them in a field named “Custom Label“. Here are the steps to view this field in eBay and make sure the SKUs are properly filled out before setting up sync with FarApp:

  1. Log in to your seller account in eBay and click “My eBay”
  2. Click the “Activity” button in the top right corner and click “Selling Manager Pro” from the drop down
  3. From the menu that appears on the left click “Inventory”
  4. Click the “Customize” link that appears on the right side of the screen
  5. From the “Links available” list select “Custom Label” and set it in the “Links Selected to display” list
  6. Click “Apply Changes”
  7. You should now see a column in your products table for “Custom Label” make sure these values match the SKU values in NetSuite so that when FarApp attempts to post product data, it finds that existing listing and does not try to create a new listing
  8. If the value is missing or incorrect, then click on the value for the product and a screen will pop up that allows you to add the SKU information