Amazon Product Sync Errors

How to Check the Errors on your Amazon Products

If you’re not getting the Amazon product sync error email, please notify us via support ticket so we can enable it for your account. If you’d like to check on a specific item before getting an error report, you can search for the item using the Product Page found here:

FarApp does provide a less user-friendly but more robust way of checking on the status of your items. If you would like to use this method, you can use the Product Master. Here are the instructions to do that:

  1. Log into FarApp and under the gear icon at the top right, click Advanced Options.
  2. In the menu at the left-hand side, click Manage Account.
  3. Click Product Master at the top of the page (the direct link is
  4. Here you can search for the item by ID of the item (e.g. NetSuite internal ID) in the SKU Search field or by the Amazon SKU in the Amazon SKU Search field.
  5. Click on the details link in the Details column which will take you to the Product Details page.
  6. Scroll down to the Product Posting Errors (Amazon). If there are any issues with posting the item since the last error email report, they will appear here.

Common Amazon Product Errors

  • Listing shows status “Inactive (Blocked)” in Amazon:
    One of the reasons for this error is if your product’s title contains words that Amazon does not allow. For example, the word “Used” is often rejected by Amazon. Try changing your product’s title in Seller Central to see if Amazon unblocks the listing.
  • The SKU data provided conflicts with the Amazon catalog...
    This error means that based on the item data, Amazon matched against one of the items in its catalog but some of your data conflicts with the catalog data so Amazon is rejecting it. The easiest way to resolve this issue is to create an ASIN field in NetSuite that FarApp can use to explicitly match up to the correct item in the Amazon catalog (please let us know when you create it so we can map it for you). If you already have this field created, please populate it with the correct ASIN. If we post the ASIN to Amazon, it will use its catalog data to resolve conflicts and will not report an error.