Amazon FBA Setup

FarApp can help with your FBA inventory and sales by posting FBA items to Amazon, and by posting the sales back to NetSuite. The setup is fairly simple, assuming that FarApp is already posting non-FBA product-data to Amazon and non-FBA orders to NetSuite.

FarApp can also setup Amazon FBA as a 3PL so you can send orders from all of your channels over to Amazon for fulfillment. Please see the 'Setup Amazon FBA as a 3PL' section of this article to see how to get started with that. 

Product-Posting Requirements

FarApp needs to post a couple of fields differently for FBA items, or they will revert to merchant-fulfilled when product-data is posted. In order to post correctly, FarApp needs to be able to tell whether an item is FBA or merchant-fulfilled based on the data in NetSuite. We suggest that you create a custom checkbox field in NetSuite labelled “FBA Item,” and simply check that checkbox for all FBA items. Once you have created that field, please let us know so we can map it appropriately. Once mapped, FBA product-posting setup is complete.


Order-Posting Requirements

Order-posting is slightly more complicated. Setup involved:

  • FBA Location
  • FBA Customer
  • FBA Shipment Method


FBA Inventory Location

We suggest that you create an inventory location for FBA items. When you replenish FBA items to Amazon, move them into that inventory location. When FarApp posts FBA orders to NetSuite, it will then post that inventory location for the orders, decrementing FBA inventory. Let us know which inventory location to use for FBA.


FBA Customer

You should also create an FBA customer in NetSuite, and let us know which customer that is. FarApp will post ALL FBA orders to that customer. (Note: we can optionally post FBA orders as individual customers if you prefer.)


FBA Shipping Method

We recommend that you create a special shipment method in NetSuite for FBA orders to prevent actual shipping.



To implement FBA, first set up NetSuite based on the above requirements. Then open a support ticket with a subject of FBA Implementation, and include the following information:

  • FBA Item Flag – state which custom item field you’re using for specifying FBA items.
  • FBA Location – state which inventory location FBA orders should post to.
  • FBA Customer – tell us the Internal ID of your FBA customer (all FBA orders will use this customer).
  • FBA Shipment Method – Which shipment method should FBA orders specify.


Set Up Amazon FBA as a 3PL

FarApp allows you to setup Amazon FBA as a 3PL so that you can send orders from your other channels over to Amazon to be fulfilled there. In order to setup Amazon FBA as a 3PL send us a ticket letting us know that you want Amazon FBA setup as a 3PL and answer the following questions:

  1. Do you want all of your orders to post to Amazon FBA?
  2. If you answered No to 1, what criteria will you use to determine if an order will go to Amazon FBA? Will it be just orders at a specific location? Will you have a custom field setup on the order that we can use?

Additional Notes

  • We can post FBA orders as cash sales if you like.
  • Normally we will post FBA orders to omit shipping charges and tax; let us know if you want it otherwise.
  • Normally we will post FBA orders to not be emailed or printed; let us know if you want it otherwise.