Amazon FBA Setup

FarApp can help with your FBA inventory and sales by posting FBA items to Amazon, and by posting the sales back to NetSuite. The setup is fairly simple, assuming that FarApp is already posting non-FBA product-data to Amazon and non-FBA orders to NetSuite.

FarApp can also setup Amazon FBA as a 3PL so you can send orders from all of your channels over to Amazon for fulfillment. Please see the 'Setup Amazon FBA as a 3PL' section of this article to see how to get started with that.


Posting FBA Products

When posting FBA items, FarApp needs to post a couple of fields differently or they will revert to merchant-fulfilled items when product-data is posted. In order to post correctly, FarApp needs to be able to tell whether an item is FBA or merchant-fulfilled based on the data in NetSuite. We suggest that you create a custom checkbox field in NetSuite labelled “FBA Item,” and simply check that checkbox for all FBA items. Once you have created that field, you can set up a couple of mappings using it on your product mappings page at

  1. fulfillment-center-id: You'll want to set up the field as an "Item Field Translation Mapping" type and will probably want to set a default value of "blank (item is merchant-fulfilled)." You'll then click "click here to edit this mapping" to set up logic using the field you created. Please use the following guidelines:
    1. The Amazon value should be blank for FBM/MFN/merchant-fulfilled items.
    2. The Amazon value should be AMAZON_NA for FBA items sold in North America.
    3. The Amazon value should be AMAZON_EU for FBA items sold in Europe.
    4. The Amazon value should be AMAZON_JP for FBA items sold in Japan.
    5. The Amazon value should be AMAZON_CN for FBA items sold in China.
    6. The Amazon value should be AMAZON_IN for FBA items sold in India.
  2. quantity: You may need to contact FarApp's Support team to configure this mapping. The quantity mapping needs to send a blank value to Amazon for the quantity of FBA items because Amazon is determining the quantities based off of the inventory for the items in their warehouses.


Posting FBA Orders

Posting FBA orders generally requires three things:

FBA Inventory Location

We suggest that you create an inventory location for FBA items. When you replenish FBA items to Amazon, move them into that inventory location. When FarApp posts FBA orders to NetSuite, it will then post that inventory location for the orders, decrementing FBA inventory.

Click "Add Mapping Row" at and select "Location" for the target field to map FBA orders to that location. If you want to map to the location field at the item-level instead of the order-level, do the same steps at instead.

FBA Customer

You should also create an FBA customer in NetSuite. Enter the internal ID for that customer into the "(Optional) Post FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) orders against customer (internal ID):" field at FarApp will post ALL FBA orders to that customer. (Note: if you want to post FBA orders as individual customers, leave that field blank, though FarApp does not recommend it.)

You can also have FarApp post all FBM/MFN/merchant-fulfilled orders against the same customer using the "(Optional) Post orders against customer (internal ID):" field on the same field.

FBA Shipping Method

We recommend that you create a special shipment method in NetSuite for FBA orders to prevent actual shipping. After you have created it, you can reload your shipment methods by clicking "Reload NetSuite Shipment Methods" at and select it in the " Default shipment method to use for FBA orders:" fields.

Additional Notes

  • We post FBA orders as Cash Sales by default. We consider this the best practice because Cash Sales do not need to be fulfilled (just as you do not need to fulfill FBA orders) and affect your General Ledger immediately. Please let us know if you would prefer them to post as Sales Orders intead.
  • Normally we will post FBA orders to omit shipping charges and tax; let us know if you want it otherwise.
  • Normally we will post FBA orders to not be emailed or printed; let us know if you want it otherwise.


Using Amazon FBA as a 3PL

FarApp allows you to setup Amazon FBA as a 3PL so that you can send orders from your other channels over to Amazon to be fulfilled there. This is sometimes called multichannel fulfillment. In order to setup Amazon FBA as a 3PL send us a ticket letting us know that you want Amazon FBA setup as a 3PL and answer the following questions:

  1. Do you want all of your orders to post to Amazon FBA?
  2. If you answered No to 1, what criteria will you use to determine if an order will go to Amazon FBA? Will it be just orders at a specific location? Will you have a custom field setup on the order that we can use?