Amazon Flat File Templates

FarApp uses Amazon’s flat file templates for syncing items to Amazon. If you’re only going to be listing items that already exist in the Amazon catalog, then FarApp can utilize Amazon’s inventory loader or listing loader templates which require mapping much less information. But if you’d like to list items to Amazon that don’t exist on Amazon, then FarApp will need to utilize the flat file templates for the Amazon categories you’ll be listing in. If this is the case, please follow the instructions below to download the flat file templates corresponding to the Amazon categories you’ll be listing items in, and email us your templates so we can map them for you. Here are the instructions for finding your flat file templates:

  1. Flat file templates can be found if you scroll down this page:
  2. Click on the link under the "Inventory File Template" column to the flat file template for the category you'll be listing in.
  3. Also click the BTG link for each of the categories you’ll be listing in. You won’t need to send the BTG to us but will need this for reference when populating the values for the “Item Type” field on the items you create in NetSuite. Please reference this article for more information on Category, Product Type and Item Type in Amazon:
  4. Once FarApp has informed you that the new flat file template has been used to create a new category, you can add the new category here and begin setting up mappings for it. Please reference this article for more information on how to use our new Product Settings screen: