Amazon Account Access (Non-US Amazon Accounts Only)

These instructions are for non-US Amazon accounts. For US Amazon accounts, please follow the instructions at

To use Amazon MWS, you must create a link between your Selling on Amazon account and FarApp, and enter your MWS Credentials into FarApp.


  1. Amazon UK clients - use Amazon UK MWS website, Amazon Canada clients - use Amazon Canada MWS website, Amazon Mexico clients - use Amazon Mexico MWS website, and Amazon Germany clients - use Amazon Germany MWS website.
  2. Click the Sign up for MWS button.
  3. If prompted to do so, log into your Selling on Amazon account.
  4. Select the "I want to access my own Amazon seller account with MWS." radio button. Click the Next button.Note: We have had numerous reports that the Next buttons do not always work. In such cases, simply hitting the Enter key will have the same effect.
  5. Check the boxes indicating that you have read and accepted the MWS License Agreements, and then click Next.
  6. Click the Submit button.
  7. Your Merchant ID, AWS Access Key ID, and Secret Key are displayed. Make note of ALL of these IDs, you will need to enter them into FarApp.
  8. Enter these values into their respective boxes in the FarApp edit page.
  9. Click "Save Settings".