Pushing New Orders and Order Updates to NetSuite

FarApp allows you to manually push order data from FarApp to NetSuite. This is be useful when you are testing a new connector or change settings on your mapping page or on the NetSuite side. Here are the steps to manually pushing order updates to NetSuite:

IMPORTANT: Pushing an order update to NetSuite will reset the order to either pending approval or pending fulfillment. If your order is already fulfilled this can cause the order to be fulfilled a second time

  1. From any page in app.farapp.com, click “Orders” from the menu at the top of the page
  2. If you have multiple channels/accounts, select the appropriate channel and account from “Select Channel” and “Select Account” in the blue menu bar
  3. Search through the orders for the order you wish to update by either scrolling through the page, or by using the search bar in the blue menu bar
  4. Once you have found the order click the pen-and-paper icon to the right of it and select “Post Order to NetSuite” if the order is new, or “Update Order in NetSuite” if the order is not, it will take a few seconds for the update to propagate over to NetSuite.