Importing Order Discounts to NetSuite

Discounts need to be mapped in order for orders with discounts to import properly. You'll find your discount settings here. There are several ways of mapping discounts:

  1. Method 1: Map one discount to be used for all orders with discounts and post this at the order header level to NetSuite.  
    • Most common approach and the one we recommend.
    • NetSuite will properly compute the read-only “Discount Total” value from the discount amount we post so the order total will match.
      • SETUP:
        1. Go to the discount settings page here.
        2. Enter the internal ID for the discount item in the Default discount item to post to field.
        3. To create a discount item in NetSuite, please go to Lists->Accounting->Items->New and click on Discount. Give it a SKU and enter any value you'd like for the rate.
          • FarApp will overwrite the rate on each order it imports to match the discount on the order. (Multiple discounts: NetSuite only allows one discount item per order.
          • However, this is not a problem for having multiple discounts on an order. FarApp can calculate the correct way to combine the multiple discounts into one discount item to post to NetSuite.
          • In fact, several storefronts provide this functionality by already combining multiple discount items into a single item in order to work with NetSuite's one discount item limit.
          • In order to make sure you can use multiple discounts, please open a support ticket and send us a test order that has multiple discounts applied to it.)
  2. Method 2: If you have promo codes set up in NetSuite, we can import against the matching promo code on the order.
    • We don’t sync the promo codes themselves so you’ll need to make sure you have matching promo codes in NetSuite for your marketplace/cart promo codes. But we will find matching promo codes and post to it.
    • SETUP
      1. Check the Post coupon code to matching promo code in NetSuite checkbox here.
  3. Method 3: If you have multiple different discount types on an order (one is a discount and one is a coupon), you can choose to import them all to one discount item in NetSuite or to different discount items. 
    • If using multiple discount items, you can’t import them all to the order header. Instead, you’ll want to choose which discount items get posted as line items and which get posted to the order header. 
    • If preferred, you can set up FarApp to import all discount items as line items
      • SETUP
        1. Check the Post all discounts as line items on order checkbox.
        2. You will still need to enter the internal ID for your default discount item in the Default discount item to post to field.


Discount Taxation:

Option 1: If you want taxes to be applied to the discount amount on an order, you need to edit the discount item in NetSuite and under the "Accounting" tab, make sure the box "Apply Before Sales Tax" is not checked.

Option 2: If you do not want taxes to be applied to the discount amount on the order, make sure the "Apply Before Sales Tax" box is checked.