I updated a custom list, custom record, or image in NetSuite. Why hasn’t it posted to my marketplace and/or cart?

FarApp only posts updates to marketplaces/carts for items that have had modifications. When you update a custom list, custom record, or image in NetSuite, it does not actually update the item record. Though the item record may reference the updated value, the item itself isn’t updated in NetSuite. There are two ways to get FarApp to post the update:

  1. Make some modifications to your item record. For example, you could change the flag on the items to blank, allow FarApp enough time to load the changes, then change the flags back to “Y”. Once FarApp releases its NetSuite bundle for real-time item updates, you won’t need to wait but can set the flag blank, save the item, set the flag back to “Y” and save the item again.
  2. If this is for eBay or another marketplace/cart that has a dashboard in FarApp, you can force an update by following the instructions in the corresponding knowledge base article for how to use the dashboard for that marketplace/cart.