Do you integrate with my payment gateway (e.g. Stripe, Square,, PayPal, etc.)?

Direct integration with a payment gateway is rarely necessary and so we don’t currently have any direct integrations. Almost all eCommerce systems (e.g. Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento, and eBay) already integrate with payment gateways directly. Some carts/marketplaces will allow you to just authorize payments through the payment gateway and do the payment capture on your own, while others will require that you do both the authorize and the capture through their system. For those systems that allow you to do your own payment capture, they provide the payment gateway transaction IDs as part of the order data. FarApp can import this data for you so that you can do the payment capture yourself. This doesn’t require a direct integration from FarApp to the payment gateway as long as your business system (e.g. NetSuite) integrates with your payment gateway.