How does FarApp sync products?


FarApp syncs products from NetSuite to the channel you want your products to post to. FarApp accomplishes this through its product mapper, which takes the NetSuite data for your items and translates it so that your posting channel will recognize and accept this data.


How does FarApp know what data to sync?

In order to determine what data to sync from NetSuite to your posting channel, FarApp will need to have you tell us what product fields in NetSuite you want to map, and what field in the posting channel you want it to map to. The FarApp Knowledge Base has articles for multiple channels for Product Mapping Worksheets which we have you fill out and message to us via ticket to help get the process started.


Can FarApp sync product data back to NetSuite as well?

FarApp does not sync product data back to NetSuite as well because doing so would cause issues. FarApp would be unable to tell whether the latest data was in NetSuite or in your posting channel and as a result you could get new data overwritten by old data. To avoid this issue FarApp treats NetSuite as the master of record and updates the channels that way.