Why can't I change the account name of a connector once I have created it?

The account name is closely integrated with each connector you create in FarApp, we do not allow you to change it because doing so could break the integration and require completely re-implementing the connector.

Why do I need to have a 'default' account instead of giving that account a unique name?

FarApp forces you to have a 'default' account for each channel because the 'default' account is integrated even more closely than secondary accounts, if FarApp were to allow you to create your own account name instead of using the default account then your connector would not work.

Is there anything in FarApp I can change to help me keep track of my connectors?

As a compromise, FarApp allows you to edit a "Nickname" field so you can create a custom name for your connectors and not worry about any adverse affects it may have on your integration.

Here are the steps to edit the Nickname of a connector:

  1. Login to app.farapp.com and click "Dashboard" from the menu at the top
  2. Select the connector you want to add a Nickname to and click the "Edit" button to the left of the connector
  3. At the top of the screen you should see a button that says "Edit Nickname" click that and you should see a text field appear where you can enter the new Nickname value that you wish to have.
  4. Click the check mark next to the text field and click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the screen