Why a new support system?

The reasons for upgrading to a new support system can be summarized as follows:

  1. We wanted a system that was easier to use.
  2. We wanted a system whereby you could find many of the answers yourself without needing to contact support.
  3. We wanted to streamline our support process to give you better service, as well as allow more time for developing features and improving FarApp for everyone.

Ease of Use

As many of you know, for a long time, we used a support system we built in-house. Though it had a lot of great features since it was custom-developed, it was not the most easy system to use. We wanted a system where it would be easier to create and manage support tickets, including attachments, CCing other users, and all the other features that the new system provides. We went with Zendesk, an industry leader in support systems, not only because it's a great system with many features, but also because many of you are probably already familiar with it and will find it easy to use.

Better Answers

We've been working very hard on adding articles to the integrated help center. You can search for these articles and easily find answers to many of your questions. This will help you resolve your own issues faster as well as understand how to configure the system yourself without needing to wait for a response. The new system also helps us figure out what people are having trouble with so that we can create new content to better assist you.

Faster Support Process

As eCommerce grows, many of our customers have been requesting and adding more features over time. This has led to a surge in support requests and so we've been spending a larger portion of our time on support instead of building new features and improving FarApp for everyone. Our new support ticket system streamlines the process of submitting support tickets so that we get all the relevant information we need with the first support ticket you submit. It also includes analytics to help us track where you need help so that we can improve FarApp in ways that will allow you to configure it yourself. We believe that this change will have a positive impact for our customers, both through improved support and a faster growing feature-set for the future.