Order IDs

Order ID vs Merchant Order ID

The order IDs in FarApp are not the same order IDs that references. FarApp uses's longer merchant order ID values instead of the more readable reference order IDs. The reason FarApp does this is because Jet's documentation states the following regarding their reference order IDs:

Jet's human readable order ID number that may have a small chance of collision overtime.

However the documentation for the merchant order ID states:

Jet's unique ID for a given merchant order.

FarApp must guarantee uniqueness of all order IDs for a given connector. Otherwise, collisions will prevent an order from importing. However, FarApp does record the readable reference order ID in its transaction ID field. If you'd like, you can map this FarApp field to a field of your choosing in your backend system (e.g. NetSuite). Please note that it cannot be one of the two fields described here since those are used by FarApp in a specific way:


Finding the Merchant Order ID

When viewing a single Jet order in, click "View Raw Data" in the Created row. You will see a value for order_id (also shown as merchant_order_id). This is the order ID that FarApp will use.