Test Posting Jet.com Return

To complete the Jet.com registration process, Jet requires some sellers to post a return for an order through the API. Here are instructions to test refunding an order through the API:

  1. Open FarApp's Jet Dashboard: https://adv.farapp.com/secure_ExtAjaxController/JetDashboard?Cart=Jet.
  2. Go to the "Jet Calls" tab.
  3. Set the "Request Type" field to GetReturns.
  4. Click the "Send Request" button.
  5. Jet.com should respond with a list of return URLs in the format "/returns/state/{return_id}". Copy the {return_id} values because you'll need to use those in the next step.
  6. Change the "Request Type" field to "CompleteReturn".
  7. Input one of the {return_id} values from step (5) above into the "Argument(s)" field.
  8. Click the "Send Request" button.

This should push a return confirmation to Jet for that particular return request.