Posting a Cancelled Order

If an order fails to post too many times in a row FarApp will automatically change the status of this order to “Cancelled” at which point you should will have to manually setup the order to repost. Here are instructions to do so:

  1. Click “Orders” on the menu at the top of any screen in
  2. If you have multiple channels/accounts, make sure the correct ones are selected from “Select Channel” and “Select Account” in the blue menu bar
  3. Click the menu icon on the far-right of the blue menu bar and select “Filter Orders” > “Cancelled”
  4. Find the order in the list or use the search bar to retrieve it
  5. Click the pen-and-paper icon to the right of the order and click “Rerty Posting to NetSuite” or “Uncancel”
  6. Click the menu icon in the blue menu bar again and select “Filter Orders” > “Open”
  7. You should now see your order attempting to post. If it returns an error you’ll need to resolve it and retry posting it again