WooCommerce Account Access

In order to connect to your WooCommerce store, FarApp requires your website’s URL, which you’ll put in the WooCommerce Endpoint field.
Far App also requires your WooCommerce API keys (credentials). Here is how you can find them:
1) Login into your WooCommerce store admin (go to yourstore.com/wp-admin).
2) Turn on WordPress permalinks in Settings > Permalinks.
3) On the left navigation, click on WooCommerce > Settings.
4) Then click the API tab
5) Make sure the Enable REST API checkbox is checked.
6) Click on Keys/Apps and Add Key


7) Then enter a Description, the User and Permissions before clicking Generate API Key
8) Grab the Consumer Key (to enter in the WooCommerce API Key field) and the Consumer Secret key (to enter in the WooCommerce API Secret field)



FarApp requires both “consumer key” and “consumer secret” along with your site to connect to your store.

Syncing Fulfillments in WooCommerce

To complete your WooCommerce set up, please follow the steps on this article (https://support.farapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/218816308-WooCommerce-Tracking-Numbers-Shipping-Details). Once those steps are complete, FarApp will have the ability to sync fulfillment details including tracking back to WooCommerce.