Mapping Order Payment Methods and Refreshing NetSuite Payment Methods

Mapping Order Payment Methods

To get orders to import to NetSuite from your channel you will need to map the Payment Method of an order. You will only have to do this the first time an order comes in with a specific payment method, after that all orders with that payment method will use the mapping you set. There are two ways to map payment methods, in the order directly or in the “Payment Settings” page.

Mapping Payment Methods in an Order

Mapping Payment Methods in an order directly is a quick way to setup a new mapping when you have an order come in with a payment method FarApp does not recognize. Please note that this feature is not available for Amazon, you will have to use the “Payment Settings” page which we provide instructions to below. To map the payment settings in an order directly follow these steps:

  1. In, click “Orders” in the menu at the top of the page in
  2. If you have multiple channels/accounts, use “Select Channel” and “Select Account” drop downs
  3. Find the order that you wish to edit the payment method for by either finding it manually in the list, or by entering the id of the order into the search bar (pictured above)
  4. Click the Pencil and Paper icon to the right of the order. This should bring up an Order Details display window.
  5. Click the “Mapping” tab in the Order Details display window. This should bring up the page where you can map the payment method to post to NetSuite.
  6. Select the NetSuite payment method from the drop down menu. If you do not see your desired NetSuite payment method then you will need to Retrieve the NetSuite Payment Methods. Please see the “Retrieving NetSuite Payment Methods” section of this page so you can get that desired payment method and map to it

Mapping Payment Methods in the “Payment Settings” Page

The “Payment Settings” page allows you to view and edit all of the payment mappings you have made in one place. Here are the steps to review/edit payment methods in the “Payment Setting” page:

  1. In, click the gear icon at the top right corner of the screen and click “Settings”
  2. Click “Payment Settings” at the menu at the left
  3. If there are multiple channels/accounts, choose the correct Storefront and Account using the drop downs at the top. This will display a table with the payment methods on orders that have imported to FarApp from that storefront/account so far. Any orders that come in with new payment methods will add entries to this table that will need to be mapped.

Here is a direct link to the page:

Refresh Your NetSuite Payment Methods

The “Payment Settings” page provides you with the ability to reload the payment methods you have in NetSuite. Here are the steps to accomplish this:

  1. In, click the gear icon at the top right corner of the screen and click “Settings”
  2. Click “Payment Settings” at the menu at the left
  3. Click “Refresh NetSuite Payment Methods” at the top of the screen. Please note that it will take a few seconds for the update to show up in

Here is a direct link to the page: