Why are my images not updating on eBay?

The way eBay handles images, is they will look to see what url or filename is coming in to eBay. If eBay detects that the url or filename is the same as a value they already have in their system, they will assume that the image has not changed and will not update the image on their site. There are a couple ways to get around this issue:

  1. Change the name of your image. If you do that, then eBay will detect the image as new and update it on their site
  2. Set the image field as blank temporarily, and then once that update has pushed through set the image back to the original value. The blank value will overwrite what is on eBay and then the when you switch back the blank value will be overwritten by your new image

As a reference, here is a link to eBay where they address this feature: https://ebaydts.com/eBayKBDetails?KBid=2210