FarApp Marketplace/Cart - Item Fields

Please note: You will need to follow all the steps below in each section to complete installing the FarApp Marketplace/Cart Bundle correctly.

Creating Subtabs for the Item Creation Screen

When you create an item in NetSuite, you will need to populate a number of fields with information like the item's description, weight, color, etc. NetSuite organizes these fields within subtabs. FarApp requires several unique fields in order to sync your items from NetSuite to your storefronts automatically. These steps will walk you through creating special subtabs for these fields. Our images in these steps are using Shopify just as an example.

  1. Make sure you are logged into your NetSuite account.
  2. Navigate to "Customization" > "Forms" > "Subtabs"
  3. Navigate to the “Item” tab
  4. Fill out the following (without the quotes) in the title field: "storefront name" i.e. “Amazon" (without quotes)
  5. Click "Save"
  6. Navigate back to "Customization" > "Forms" > "Subtabs"
  7. Navigate to “Item” tab
  8. Fill out the following (without the quotes) in the title field one by one for the Marketplace you are configuring, and select the name the Marketplace item you just set up in step 4 in the Parent dropdown list field: Amazon > “Not Common”, “Optional”, “Required” ; Marketplace/Cart > “Required”, “Optional”
  9. Click SaveOnce you are finished, your Custom Subtabs should look like this:Screen_Shot_2017-04-26_at_1.50.56_PM.png
  10. Please note that if you name something incorrectly, in the upcoming section the FarApp for SuiteSuccess bundle will provide feedback on what tab or subtab you need to return to and recreate.

Installing the FarApp for SuiteSuccess Bundle on NetSuite

  1. SuiteSuccess is a special NetSuite program that you may or may not be a part of. You can learn more about it here: http://www.netsuite.com/portal/services/suitesuccess.shtml You do not need to be a part of the SuiteSuccess program to use FarApp's special NetSuite bundle for it. FarApp's SuiteSuccess bundle will automatically create the basic item fields that FarApp will require. To begin installing the bundle, login to your NetSuite account.
  2. Navigate to Customization > SuiteBundler > Search & Install Bundles
  3. Enter ‘farapp for suitesuccess’ in the "KEYWORDS" field and Click "Search"
  4. Select “FarApp Marketplace/Cart - Item Fields”
  5. Click "Install"
  6. Click "Install Bundle", then Click "Ok"
  7. This will redirect you to the list of your installed bundles. You will see the first in the list as “Loading”. After allowing some time, click Refresh and confirm you see “FarApp for SuiteSuccess - Item Fields"

Creating the Product Sync Fields Using the FarApp for SuiteSuccess Bundle

  1. Next, please navigate to SetUp >FarApp > Marketplace/Cart Fields.Screen_Shot_2017-03-13_at_2.49.29_PM.png
  2. Here, please select the Marketplace/Cart you will be integrating with and then enter in the number of accounts you plan to set up with FarApp for that Marketplace/Cart. You can do this multiple times if you have multiple Marketplaces/Carts that you want to integrate.Screen_Shot_2017-03-13_at_2.49.19_PM.png

Updating the Marketplace/Cart - Item Fields Bundle

  1. Make sure that the "Preference" is set to "Replace Data".