Amazon Seller Central vs Vendor Central

Amazon has two "platforms" for selling products on its marketplace: Seller Central and Vendor Central. FarApp only connects with Seller Central. This article explains more about the two platforms and why FarApp only connects to Vendor Central.

Seller Central is intended for B2C businesses because it allows you to sell directly to Amazon customers. With Vendor Central, you sell your stock directly to Amazon, who then resells your products. Vendor Central is intended for B2B selling.

Seller Central is built on an API, which is a framework for connections between different software systems. Vendor Central is built on the EDI protocol, which is a much different framework that FarApp does not support. FarApp does have partners who specialize in EDI integrations, so please contact our Sales team at for a referral.

You can read more about the differences between Seller Central and Vendor Central at