Setting up BigCommerce Real-Time Order Sync


There are two BigCommerce APIs in our system that we connect to: 1) BigCommerce's legacy API, and 2) BigCommerce's current API. Real-time order syncing for BigCommerce is only support by the current API.

There are two ways to tell which API a BigCommerce customer is using:

  1. Go to FarAppSetup and search for BigcommerceUseLegacyAPI. If it is On, that connector is using the legacy API.
  2. Go to app.farapp and click Edit beside a BigCommerce connector. If the screen has text fields for you to enter Username, API Token and API Endpoint, then it is using the legacy API.


API Upgrade

If the customer is already using the current API, you can skip this section. If the customer is using the legacy API:

  1. Set BigcommerceUseLegacyAPI to blank in FarAppSetup.
  2. Have the client click on the new Authorize button at (or for whichever BigCommerce account it is for). The client should make sure that if they have multiple BigCommerce stores that they are not logged in to a different one in a different browser tab when they click Authorize.

Creating the Real-Time Order Hook

Next, we create the real-time order hook they need (something that sits on BigCommerce and pushes orders to us). To do that:

  1. Go to the BigCommerce dashboard at
  2. Make sure you are in the right account using the left column:
  3. Go to the BigCommerce Calls tab and check out the options under Request Type. CreateHook is at the bottom.
  4. CreateHook doesn't require any arguments. Just click Send Request to add a FarApp hook to the current BigCommerce account.

Orders will now be syncing in real-time. If the customer complains that some aren't, this is a know BigCommerce issue. See 15187. For some reason BigCommerce doesn't always put all orders in a state that our hook can grab right away.