When do I Turn off my Existing Sync Service so I can use FarApp?

Some customers ask: what if I have another service that is syncing items/orders for me? Is it possible to get integrated while the other integration is still running, and when I go-live, how can I ensure that there won't be any duplicate/missing items/orders?

You should leave your existing service running during your integration process with FarApp. If you are not using another service, but are following a series of manual steps to make sure your items remain up-to-date and/or your orders are entered into NetSuite and fulfilled, you should keep following these steps. As you integrate with FarApp, you will use a handful of test orders and/or items to make sure that when you do activate the FarApp service, it will function in the manner you expect. When you are ready to activate your FarApp service, you can deactivate your existing service/stop doing your manual process. Most connectors have a field at https://app.farapp.com/settings#/marketplace_cart_settings/general_settings where you can set a day and time that FarApp will not retrieve orders before. You should deactivate your existing service, find the the last order that it imported, and then set the date and time field in FarApp to the date and time of the last order +1 second. This will insure there are no duplicated or missing orders when you go-live with FarApp.