Can I Use FarApp for Data Migration?

You may notice that for certain connectors like Magento, FarApp offers add-ons like the Magento-to-NetSuite Product Sync that sound like they would be helpful for moving your product catalog into NetSuite as part of your data migration for setting up NetSuite.

The services FarApp provides are intended to be used as ongoing syncs. As such, most FarApp automated processes run many times a day and cannot be configured to only run once. The configuration process for many of these syncs, especially syncs involving product data, can also be complex.

The FarApp order sync processes are also not intended to be used to do a one-time sync of months worth of past orders. You can request that FarApp temporarily import even closed orders for the past 30 to 60 days, and generally if there are <2,000 orders, we could do this without much issue. If there are significantly more than 2,000 orders, we don't recommend mass importing through FarApp as it will significantly slow down your order sync processes.

A one-time data migration between systems would be best handled through csv import/export or other means provided by NetSuite and your various marketplaces/carts. Using FarApp for a one-time data migration is not the intended use of its services.