Common Product Sync Errors

  • USER ERROR: "To enable this item for Create Inventory Count, you must set these fields: Next Inventory Count Date and Inventory Count Interval."
  • Normally, you'll only see this error if there's something preventing a script from saving an item record. If you're seeing an error like this, it's likely your NetSuite is configured in such a way that it's preventing from making any updates to an item record. Updares actually will still get pushed to FarApp, but it's preventing the script from updating a given item to show when it was last synced. If you edit an item with this error in NetSuite, are you able to save it? In most cases you'll see the same error being returned by the FarApp bundle script. If that's the case, you'll want to make sure you adjust your configuration, or adjust the data, such that you can save the item record and that will resolve the issue.