What to Expect in an Integration

Before Getting Started

Before integrating with FarApp, you should:

  1. Already have accounts for NetSuite, your storefront(s) and 3PL(s).
  2. Be familiar with using NetSuite, your storefront(s) and 3PL(s).
  3. Be able to place orders on your storefront(s).
  4. Make sure all items on your storefront(s) have SKUs.
  5. Be able to enter orders manually into NetSuite. NetSuite should calculate your tax codes and rates correctly (ie: your tax nexuses are configured).
  6. Make sure all items on your storefront(s) have corresponding SKUs in NetSuite.
  7. Be able to fulfill orders/print labels/generate tracking numbers, etc in your 3PL(s).
  8. Be able to answer basic questions about your desired functionality (ie: Which syncs/features do you want? If you want FarApp to post orders to a custom Sales Order form in NetSuite, which form is it? etc).



You should expect the following integration times.

Feature Timeline
Order + Fulfillment Sync 2 weeks
Full Product Sync 2 weeks
Price and Quantity Sync (including Real-time Price and Quantity Sync) 1 week
Refund Sync 1 week
Add-On Syncs Configure after go-live.
Settlement/Fees Sync (Amazon only) Configure after go-live.


Purchasing upgraded support (https://support.farapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/115009555447-Customer-Success) does not reduce these integration times. Upgraded support allows FarApp to execute the integration steps on your behalf with input from you as needed.

How Can I Get Integrated Faster?

  • Make sure you have met all the requires in the "Before Getting Started" section above.
  • Be able to supply FarApp Support with the sample/test data they need. For example, if a Support team Operations Associate requests sample (or real) orders to manually sync to NetSuite for you as tests, be able to provide the Order IDs for these. Common sample/test data needed is orders, fulfilled orders, products ready to sync and refunded orders.
  • The timelines listed above reflect the amount of time that is actually spent working on the integration. If the FarApp Support team is waiting for necessary information for one week, that will extend the timeline by one week. Answering FarApp Support's questions and providing sample data will allow the integration to proceed on schedule.