Syncing Quantity Updates

FarApp customers have a number of options for how FarApp should sync item quantity updates to a storefront:

  1. If warehouses/locations have not been set up in NetSuite, use the native quantityAvailable field in NetSuite, or a custom field.
  2. If warehouses/locations have been set up in NetSuite, use the quantity available at a given warehouse.
  3. If warehouses/locations have been set up in NetSuite, sum the quantity available from multiple warehouses.
  4. Sum the quantity available from a combination of warehouses and custom fields, etc and/or additional logic to produce a quantity dependent on multiple factors. If you are interested in this option, please see the "What is Not Supported?" section of our Customer Success article:



Pictured: example of a mapping to the native quantityAvailable field. Client does not have warehouse locations configured in NetSuite. Text in popup window explains how to enter a location ID(s) or field ID.



  • Do I have to use Quantity Available?
  • No, but FarApp believes using quantity available to be the best practice. Quantity available is the total number of SKUs that are currently available for use in filling new orders. The other common metric of quantity in NetSuite is quantity on-hand. Quantity on-hand is the total number of SKUs that are physically located in a warehouse at the current time, but some of these may already be allocated for fulfilling current Sales Orders. For this reason, using quantity on-hand risks overselling. FarApp's interface is designed for using quantity available, so if you need to use quantity on-hand, you will need to contact FarApp to configure this.


  • Can different connectors sync quantity from different warehouses?
  • Yes you can. Quantity mappings can be tailored for individual connectors. This is useful if you are selling in multiple countries and want to avoid shipping internationally for items when you have them in stock in that particular country.


  • Can I have a negative quantity in a storefront?
  • Most storefronts do not support this so FarApp considers the best practice to be to post 0 quantity and/or mark an item out of stock as appropriate for a given storefront.