How to Make a Copy of Your FarApp Account

Sometimes it can be useful to set up a second FarApp account that is a "clone" of your first account. For example, you may have signed up for a FarApp account that you used to connect your production NetSuite account to your live Shopify site, but have now decided that you would like to create a separate FarApp account where you can connect your sandbox NetSuite to a test Shopify site. (If you would like to set up a FarApp sandbox account, please see the steps in this article:

In order to create a copy of your existing FarApp account, please do the following:

  1. Create a new FarApp account by signing up for FarApp with a different email than your existing account. You can do this here:
  2. Add all the same connectors to this new account that you have in the your current account. However, you can connect this account to your sandbox NetSuite (or if your current account is connected to your sandbox, this new account can connect to your live NetSuite), and the connectors can connect to different sites (ie: the Shopify connector in your existing account can be connected to a live site while the one on the new account can connect to a sandbox site, or vice versa).
  3. Open a ticket with FarApp telling us which account is your current account and which is the new account you have just created. We will clone the settings on your current account to your new account and let you know when this process has completed. Please note that a migration between your Sandbox and Production account costs $165/hour and could cost up to $500.