The order total in NetSuite does not match the order total from the channel.

There are three typical reasons why an order total in NetSuite might be incorrect. We recommend taking the time to examine each of these and work through the accompanying instructions, as doing so should ensure every order for this connector imports correctly.

1) The prices of the items on the order do not match the prices setup in NetSuite.

By default, FarApp will override the prices setup for items in NetSuite and use the item prices on the order, to ensure item totals match. If you have setup your item mappings to use a price level other than 'Custom', the NetSuite prices will be used instead, which can cause mismatched order totals. If you notice that the item prices on the order in NetSuite do not match those on the channel order, you should navigate to this page: Order Line Mappings. Here, make sure your mapping for 'Price Level' is set to 'Custom (IID: -1)' for this channel/account. If you do not have a Price Level mapping already, you can add one using the 'Add Mapping Row' button.

2) There is a discount on the order, and you have not yet configured discount settings in FarApp.

If there was a discount on this particular order, you should check whether that discount is included in NetSuite. If not, our knowledge base has an article which will help you to setup discounts so that they import properly into NetSuite: Importing Order Discounts to NetSuite.

3) The tax totals on the NetSuite order do not match those from the channel order.

It may require configuration in FarApp for taxes to import correctly into NetSuite. If you find that the tax total in NetSuite is incorrect, please consult this article for assistance in configuring tax settings: Order Tax Settings for NetSuite.